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Snoopy - Timeline




October 2, 1950: Peanuts debuts in seven newspapers

November 16, 1952: Lucy first holds a football for Charlie Brown

June 1, 1954 Debut of Linus' security blanket

January 5, 1956: Snoopy first walks on two legs

1958: Yale University names Schulz Cartoonist of the Year.

August 23, 1959: Sally debuts (as an infant)




March 11, 1960: Charlie Brown's father is revealed to be a barber

1960: Hallmark introduces Peanuts greeting cards

November 19, 1961: Charlie Brown first pines for the little red-haired girl

1962: Peanuts is named Best Humor Strip of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society

April 4, 1967: A bird strongly resembling Woodstock debuts

May 18, 1969: Charlie Brown and Snoopy accompany astronauts into space aboard Apollo X




July 20, 1971: Marcie first calls Peppermint Patty "Sir"

November 20, 1973: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving debuts, and wins an Emmy Award

January 21, 1974: Rerun first appears on his mother's bicycle

August 13, 1975: Spike debuts

January 27, 1977: Sally first dubs Linus her "Sweet Babboo"

June 28, 1979: The WW1 Flying Ace visits with the "cute little French girl" (Marcie)



January 7, 1980: Peppermint Patty gives a correct answer in her class

August 1, 1983: Peanuts Collectors Club debuts, with a 12-page newsletter

July 1, 1984: Peanuts is now seen in a record -breaking 2,000 newspapers around the world

November 4, 1985: Sally begins to look for Halley's Comet

January 24, 1989: Olaf debuts

October 1, 1989 Good Grief, the only authorized biography of Charles Schulz, is published




September 24, 1990: Pig Pen runs for class president

April 21, 1994: Lucy catches a fly ball

September 1, 1991: Schroeder becomes a spokesman for National Piano Month

March 30, 1993: Charlie Brown hits his first home run

August 6, 1993: Sally discovers that her family is "famous" because they're in the telephone book

December 14, 1999: Charles Schulz officially retires




2000: 50th Anniversary of Peanuts

January 3, 2000: Charles Schulz bids a fond farewell to all his readers in the final daily Peanuts newspaper strip

February 12, 2000: Charles Schulz dies Saturday evening, of complications from colon cancer in Santa Rosa, CA. He was 77 years old.

February 13, 2000: The final Sunday Peanuts newspaper strip appears

May 27, 2000: Charles Schulz given Lifetime Achievement award by National Cartoonists Society

June 25, 2000: The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Voyager of the Seas embarks on its Peanuts anniversary cruise