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Telecommunications and Data Communications

Wireless LAN / Wireless ATM

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CDMA/Spectrum Spreading

3G Mobile



Wireless LAN / Wireless ATM

Universities/Research Institute Websites

Berkeley Wireless Research Center - U. of Berkeley

Paper Download - U. of Stanford

Ad-hoc Wireless Networks - U. of California, Irvine

Papers on Ad-hoc Multihop Wireless Networks - Netgroup - U. of California, Irvine

Technical Reports and Papers - AT&T Laboratories, Cambridge U. of Cambridge

Carnegie Mellon Wireless Research - Carnegie Mellon U.

Broadband and Wireless Networking Laboratory - Georgia Institute of Technology

NEC ResearchIndex

The Center for Information and Communications Technology Research - Purdue U.

Computer Network Division - Dept. of CS - U. of Southern California

Documents - The Second IEEE Workshop on Wireless LANs

Wireless LAN White Papers - Information Resources - U. of Texas at Dallas

Wireless LAN Project Home Page - Utrecht University(Netherlands)

Multimedia Networks Group - Dept. of CS - U. of Virginia

Fundamentals of Networking Lab - Univeristy of Washington

IEEE 802.11

Technologies from Ericsson

Center for Wireless Information Network Studies

Wireless LAN/MAN Resources - Packet Working Group Home Page/Ottawa Amateur Radio Club - Carleton University

Resources from Computerworld

Wirelss LAN - Computerworld

Wireless and Mobile - Computerworld

Wireless Standard for WAP

Wireless LAN -

IEEE Wireless Standards Zone

Wireless LAN - Smart Home Forum

Wireless LAN Research - Wireless Ethernet


802.11 Wireless LAN - White Papers - TI


ERL Research Summary for 2001 - EECS/ERL Research Summary - U. of California, Berkeley


Wireless ATM - Boston U. (Presentation)

Overview of Curent Research Issues and Developments in Wireless LANs and Wireless ATM - U. of California, San Diego

The Laboratory for Communications Engineering - U. of Cambridge

Wireless ATM and Papers - U. of Colorado at Boulder

Comet Publications - Comet Group - Columbia U.

Networks Group Resources - University of Cyprus

Magic WAND Documents - Institute of Technical Information and Telecommunications - TIK, ETH Zurich

iWANDeR - iPoint - U. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Wireless ATM - Cell-Relay - Indiana U.

Wireless ATM Adaptive Voice/Data Networks - U. of Kansas

ISR Technical Reports - U. of Maryland

Multimedia Networks Laboratory - University of Massachusatts Amherst

The issues on Wireless ATM - On-line References - Raj Jain - Ohio State U.

Wireless Networking by Magda El Zarki - U. of Pennsylvania

Networks@Rensselaer - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Wireless ATM Links - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Broadband Mobile Communication for Multimedia on ATM-Basis - RWTH Aachen

ComNets - RWTH Aachen

Broadband Networks and Switching Systems - U. of Stuttgatt

Multimedia over Wireless ATM - Virginia Tech

Cell Relay Janitor


Organization/Commercial Websites

Wireless LAN Association

WAP Forum

IEEE Computer Society




CDMA/Spectrum Spreading


3G Mobile